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We will be using a virtual sale platform through Jake Parnell, one of our usual auctioneers.

The sale will occur over two days. 

  • The sale will allow for both Custom and Resale

  • No 7% Commission will apply

  • Each lot sold will have costs taken out of final disbursement if all show/sale costs have not been covered (see Costs below)

  • Checks will be distributed by the Fair when all costs have been determined and enough monies have been collected from buyers to cover the disbursements

  • Exhibitors will be allowed to sell two lots

  • Each animal will be sold as a lot, not by the pound

  • Animals will be listed by species in exhibitor alphabetical order

  • All exhibitors will be required to submit a picture of each animal to be sold.  The Exhibitor will be in uniform and animals will be show-ready.  Requirements will be published at a later date

  • NO Private Treaty animals will be allowed transport this year.  Any private treaty sale between an exhibitor and private buyer will require private slaughter and arrangement made with cut and wrap facility of buyer’s choosing

  • Only one Cut and Wrap facility will be utilized this year:




The Jr. Livestock show and sale must be a cost-neutral event for the fair.  This means that any expenses incurred for conducting the show and sale will be divided evenly between each lot sold. 


The fair cannot determine these costs (overhead) now.  Currently, it is estimated that each lot sold through the virtual sale will have a minimum of $85 deducted from sale check, but it may be larger or smaller.   The final amount deducted will not be determined until after show and sale are completed.


Other General Information


A buyers’ list will be sent to all Leaders/Advisors to share with their club/chapter.  Independent Exhibitors can contact the fair at for a copy of buyers’ list.


Exhibitors are strongly encouraged to solicit buyers and send out letters inviting potential buyers to the virtual sale. 

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